Started by Nature Finished by Hand

I have been an instructor for 45 years. I am also a teacher of woodturning at the Hounslow Adult College. I am based in WEST LONDON, ENGLAND, in a place called HILLINGDON. I am easily locatedand only 30 minutes from central London.

Tuition can be given either during the evening if you are fairly local, or over the weekend, both days or a single day. Tuition is based upon your own needs and level of ability. Drop me a line for more information. I will be happy to talk to you.​

I also teach groups of people a various locations in London.

The Camden Shed

The Blackhorse Workshop

The Goodlife Centre

Fulham Palace


June 18th                     The Blackhorse Workshop

May 21st                       Goodlife Centre

May 7th                        The Camden Shed

April 16th                     Goodlife Centre

April 2nd                      The Blackhorse Workshop

March 26th                   The Camden Shed

March 5th                     Goodlife Centre


​November 28th            The Camden Shed

October 24th                Goodlife Centre

​October 17th                The Blackhorse Workshop

September 5th             Fulham Palace

August 22nd                The Camden Shed

​August 15th                 The Blackhorse Workshop

July 18th                      Goodlife Centre

May 9th                        The Blackhorse Workshop

​April 18th                     The Blackhorse Workshop

​February 21st              The Blackhorse Workshop