Started by Nature Finished by Hand

The club links on this page are for the two clubs that I am a member of and clubs that I have had the pleasure of demonstrating at.
The Surrey Association of Woodturners                                              I am the Vice President
Middlesex Woodturners Association                                                    I am a member
Association of Woodturners of Great Britain                                      I am a member
The Forest of Bere Woodturners Association
The Crafty Turners                                                                                 This is a group for youngsters
West Sussex Woodturners
Berkshire Woodturning Association
Tudor Rose Woodturners
Cheam Woodturners Association
Kennet Valley Woodturners Club
Orchard Woodturners
Didcot and District Woodturners
Hampshire Woodturners Association
West Northants Woodturners
West Oxon Woodturners Association
Oxfordshire Woodturners Club
East Surrey Woodturners
Garden of England Woodturners

The following links are of friends and colleagues.

Colin Spencer              Colin lives in Orba, Spain
Thomaz Brasil            Thomaz lives in Brazil
Jennie Starbuck
Colin Spain
Donald Bell
Andy Murray

This is a link to a terrific resource site and I would like to thank Alex for showing it to me.